Please browse our range of budget attachments from the list below;


  • Model: TM 140
  • Cutting width: 1360mm
  • HP required: 25

Tidying all kinds of fields, paddocks & meadows, keeping grass, thistles, nettles, docks etc under control. Useful where you have had horses or cattle.

Finishing Mower

  • Model: FMLD 150
  • Cutting width: 1490mm
  • HP required: 20-25

Cuts lawns, drives, fairways, where a good finish is required. Various widths up to 6' (1.8 metres).

Flail Mower

  • Model: EF 135
  • Cutting width: 1329mm
  • HP required: 20-35

Cuts very rough grass and scrub which has been neglected for some time. May also be used as a Topper and can be used to obtain fine finish


  • Model: IGN 125
  • Cutting width: 1250mm
  • HP required: 25-30

Prepares soil, grassland or any area into fine tilth ready for planting.


  • Model: 85
  • Cutting width: 2000mm
  • HP required: 25

Exceptional quality harrows. Heavy duty chain links more than capable of pulling out years of dead thatch, destroying molehills, and levelling divots after grazing. Good quality A frame so the tractor can lift it when transporting.

Tipping Trailer

  • Model: TM 140
  • Dimensions: Length 2 metres, width 1.25 metres
  • HP required: 1 or 2 tonnes

General transport & carrying duties, hydraulic tipping, removable side panels & tail offering flat trailer facility.

4 in 1 Front end loader

  • Model: LDJM 252K
  • HP required: 25

4 in 1 bucket with jaws that open and allow you to ‘bite’ into material. The bucket can be used for picking up loose stone soil or slurry, and for grading drives and paths

Link box

  • Model: TB130
  • Dimensions: 926 x 1300 mm
  • HP required: 20+

Probably the most useful thing you will ever put onto the back of a tractor. Carry anything anywhere. Take off the rear flap and use it to scoop up materials.

Front End Loader

  • Model: LDJM 254
  • Bucket: 0.22 cubic metres
  • Capacity: 440 Kgs
  • HP required: 20-30

Load trailers, move soil, stone, bales & aggregates. (Picture shows standard bucket)


  • Model: LW 6
  • Maximum digging depth: 1.85 metres
  • Maximum digging radius: 2.8 metres
  • Maximum lift height: 2.5 metres
  • Maximum unloading height: 1.4 metres
  • Optional bucket sizes: 230 & 305 mm

Digs trenches - just think mini JCB !

Post Hole Borer

  • Model: HPHD
  • Hole diameter: 152mm
  • HP required: 20-30

Dig the correct size hole for gate posts and large fence posts. Auger available in 3 sizes.

Wood Chipper

  • Model: WC 6
  • Throat size: 150 x 150mm
  • HP required: 25

Chips prunings from hedges & trees, and will also chip small logs.