Let YANMAR put you out in front

As with all of YANMAR’s range of compact tractors, grass cutting and tiller products, reliability from these world leading, high performance, uncompromising engines and transmissions are key factors for operator satisfaction and increased work outputs. Instant response from fingertip controls ensures that the driver is in control whatever the job and terrain demands.

A choice of front mounted equipment

Attachment of front mounted decks to the GE 350 power unit is a simple and quick operation for rotary decks (with a 1.5 m and 1.8 m rear discharge), as well as options for flails, a brush or a blower.

YANMAR diesel engines are green

Whilst the need for efficient high torque engines is appreciated, YANMAR’s research and development enables the new TNV direct injection diesel engine to require between 10% and 15% less fuel than competitor pre-combustion types. Carbon dioxide and air pollutants are also reduced by 10% to 15%.

Excellent operability, safety, versatility and comfort

Two pairs of double action SCVs are standard equipment, enabling hydraulically driven power equipment to be coupled quickly, providing performance higher than expected from similar priced machines.

With a fully adjustable seat for personal comfort and a smooth ride from YANMAR’s balanced engine, life becomes more comfortable for the operator with less vibration and better concentration. With pedals to control forward, reverse and brake movements, power steering contributes to a smoother operation. The cruise control takes care of leg / arm muscle strain during long working periods.

Easy access and a tilting, telescopic steering column combines stylish ergonomic design for driving pleasure. Tight turning circles, a two-speed hydrostatic transmission, simple coupling front units and easy operation also provides the operator with precision and control to work quickly, efficiently and safely.

The foldable roll over protection system comes into its own when working under low trees or branches and when storing in a low building. Wide wheel tracks and a low centre of gravity both provide stability when working or travelling on hilly ground. The engine automatically stops when the operator leaves the seat whilst the PTO is disengaged automatically when the deck is raised.

Users can rely on YANMAR to combine safety and versatility with personal comfort and simple operation.

Easy maintenance

The GE 350 is easy to maintain and the wide tyres, fitted as standard, reduce ground pressure and minimise turf damage. The small turning circle enables this outfront mower to be very manoeuvrable in tight spaces, with 4WD being automatically engaged when needed.

Don’t be left behind...
Get out in front with an OUTFRONT mower from YANMAR

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