Oozing with Japanese design and quality, and packed full of features that lead the field, the RD 122 ride-on mower has the biggest appetite of them all.

Hungry for work, this machine has a diesel engine with an 18 HP output and can accept 23 litres of fuel. The 2 WD manual steering system is easy to operate and can reach a forward speed of 15 km per hour. Overall weight is just under 600 kg and the two blades offer a cutting width of 48 inches. The cutting height can vary between 25 mm to 108 mm. The grass collection box has a totally capacity of 570 litres and is fitted with a hydraulic opening system for easily emptying.

Last, but certainly not least, this RD 122 ride-on mower has one very special feature which makes its whole design totally unique.

Unlike other ride-on mowers that only have a very small grass collection transfer mouth plate through which grass passes from the cutting deck to the collecting box, the YANMAR RD 122 has a massive square outlet. Cut grass is blown easily and quickly without incurring any restrictions, ensuring that blockages are not encountered when cutting heavy or wet crops